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The members listed below offer tours in their own tour vehicles and can offer a wide range of special interest tours.


Please note that whilst we believe that all the members below have the appropriate private hire or taxi licences and that they have fully licensed vehicles, insured for the carriage of passengers for hire and reward, it is your responsibility to check this at the time of booking. Please refer to our FAQs pages for more information.


All the guides below may be contacted via email using the link above, the link buttons below take you to their individual pages.


Simon Dominguez Alvarez      Lorna Brown      Garry Donohoe    Kinlay Francis     Frank Gaertner    


 David Hamilton   Clive Horton      Caz Mamwell      Patricia Long         David Murdoch      Jean Ross    


The following member is not a driver-guide, but is available to guide you in a licensed tour vehicle owned & driven by her husband (who is not himself a qualified guide):


Sue Casely


The following member offers driver-guided tours of the island of Hoy and South Walls only:


Steven Rhodes


Please do not ask our guides to hire a vehicle and drive it for you as this is illegal. It is also illegal for our  guides to drive you in their own private car  unless both they and the vehicle are licenced - please see our FAQs page for further information.


If you wish to hire a vehicle - whether car or minibus - and drive it yourself all of our guides are happy to join you as a step-on guide.


It is also possible for our guides to hire a licenced tour vehicle with driver and join your party as a step-on guide.